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Rut Joanna
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tel. : 505 105 256
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100 # 2099
The effects of fertilization and bean density on plant growth
100 # 2100
The use of the computer application TRACE for the evaluation of mobile object identification
104 # 2255
Assessment technique and statistic modelling of the degree of potato damage caused by Colorado beetle
105 # 2282
Using the canvassing of the image to assessing losses in the nursery of the potato
108 # 2365
Regression modelling of the process involving wheat seed humidity change during storage
118 # 2633
Computer image analysis in the assessment of mixing uniform granular mixtures
90 # 1798
Describing the velocity of the moving vermin with the using computer analysis of the image
97 # 2004
Disintegration of storing the temperature of a grain of wheat in the time
97 # 2001
Selected agricultural engineering aspects affecting pea mass growth
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