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10 # 1482
Investigation of wheat grain hardness using different measurement methods
121 # 2752
The impact of the size of shredded wheat particles on compac-tion process parameters
126 # 2902
Comparison of statistical methods employed to examine the impact of nitrogen fertilisation on strength characteristics of rye grain
126 # 2898
Evaluation of wheat grain physical properties carried out using an analyser of single seeds
126 # 2910
The impact of raw material composition in DKA-S and DKA-G mixes on granulation process efficiency
126 # 2899
The influence of humidity on the process involving shredding of wheat grain diversified in hardness
126 # 2926
The influence of pine and poplar wood chips humidity on briquetting parameters
129 # 2938
The impact of grooves positioning in milling rollers on wheat grain shredding process
133 # 3050
Physical and chemical properties of plant raw materials used for biofuels production
16 # 769
Effect of material temperature on densification parameters of leguminous seeds
19 # 993
Study on miiling properties ofselected wheat grain varieties
3 # 1700
Comparative evaluation of the processes of agro-biological materials compaction
33 # 646
Influence of speed of beaters on energy consumption in grinding of chosen cereal products
51 # 1634
Nitric fertilization influence upon resistance properties of rye grain of amilo variety
60 # 1550
Influence of ray-gain features on the process of grinding
60 # 1561
The effects of material bulk and chamber diameter of parameters of wheat-grain thickening
67 # 926
Effect of chamber parameters and material weight on densification of lupine seeds
67 # 921
Effect of fat content on granulation of feeds
78 # 74
Impact of chamber size and mass of material on field bean (vicia faba ssp. minor) grains densification
8 # 1027
Analysis of the methods evaluating particle size distribution in ground cereal materials
80 # 175
Impact of fibre content on the process of granulation of feed materials
80 # 176
Impact of matrix parameters on granulation effectiveness of wheat and rapeseed mixtures
81 # 182
Impact of chamber diameter and sample weight on densification of extracted rape meal
87 # 361
Assessment of wheat grain strength characteristics based on cutting test
87 # 382
Humidity effect on Kobra variety wheat grain crack resistance
88 # 440
Effect of selected properties of raw materials on strength characteristics of granulated product
88 # 446
Influence of moisture on deformation hysteresis of wheat grain (variation Kobra)
93 # 1842
The influence of wheat grain moisture on deformation during compression
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