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Wojdalski Janusz
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141 # 3349
Efficiency of pressing oil from rape seeds
143 # 3379
Impact of rapeseed oil cold extraction in a screw press on the selected physical and chemical properties of a product as engine fuel
143 # 3366
Operational effectiveness of engine fed with the rape seed oil
143 # 3389
Selected properties of rapeseed oil and aviation gasoline blends
143 # 3367
The Assessment of Damageability of Tractor Power Unit fed with Rapeseed Oil by Method of Event Tree Analysis – ETA
60 # 1580
Fundamental analysis of the impact of food processing plants on the environment
99 # 2067
An analysis of energy and water consumption volumes in herb processing plant
99 # 2066
Aspects of energy consumption in the operation of baking ovens
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