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Królczyk Jolanta
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tel. : 0 77 400 62 64
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100 # 2084
Study of the process of mixing a mulicomponent granular mixture depending on the component feeding method
104 # 2238
Determining of effective mixing time in a mixer with worm agitator
105 # 2273
Using neural networks (fbm) for modelling of the process involving mixing of two-component granular systems
109 # 2395
Examination of progress in the process of mixing binary granular pattern using the chimney pour out method
117 # 2577
Analysis of changes in the quality of multicomponent granular mixture in an industrial feed mixer
121 # 2738
Modelling the process of mixing multicomponent granular patterns with the use of non-linear regression
121 # 2739
Quality assessment of an eleven-component granular mixture after mixing time reduction
130 # 2989
Analysis of quality changes of multi-component granular mixture during mixing process in industrial feed manufacturing plant
130 # 2991
Determination of the effective mixing duration with recirculation of components for an eleven-component feed mixture
130 # 2990
Estimation of effective mixing time with components recirculation for 10-component feed mixture
132 # 3097
Using neural networks in the process of mixing heterogeneous granular materials
136 # 3164
Determination of the sample size in assessing the quality of multicomponent heterogeneous granular systems
137 # 3205
Analysis of the stability issue of the worm agitator
143 # 3371
Evaluation of the homogeneity of the eleven-component feed mixture
143 # 3372
The use of multivariate analysis of variance to assess the size of a sample of multicomponent fodder
145 # 3408
An attempt to determine the influence of mixing time on the amount of impurities in compound feeds
145 # 3407
Analysis of the amount of impurities received in the feed production process with recirculation of ingredients
74 # 1251
Analysis of the compositions of a non-homogenious granual mixture pigeons feed prepared under industrial conditions using the taksonomy method
78 # 70
Modelling of multi-component poultry shares using a harmonic function
80 # 173
Utilization of computer image analysis method in the assessment of the state of leaf on the example of norway maple (Acer platanoide.)
87 # 377
Optimization of the process involving preparation of multi-component feed for pigeons in an upright mixer with worm agitator
90 # 1779
An estimation of the quality of multicomponent, non-homogenous granular blend
90 # 1777
Geostatistic function adaptation for analyzing spatial point patterns of the two-component granular blend
94 # 1877
Mixing and segregation during the unification process of fodder
96 # 1949
Determination of mixing duration for multicomponent granular system during mixing with recirculation of components
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