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Title : Economical aspects of mechanization in field production of vegetables
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Engaged in field production of vegetables 35 family farms in Miechów district, Kielce province, were examined by the inquiry for the equipment with technical means of production, labour consumption, costs of mechanization and for on assumed index of scientific – technical progress. The farms of different acreage were considered in respect of specialization (cabbage, carrot, parsley and red beet production). Analysis of the results showed that relatively low mechanization index (4-9%) and the specificity of vegetable crop production need much higher inputs of human labour that the typical field crop production. The labour consumption ranged within 285-640 working hrs/ha. The costs of work mechanization at growing vegetables, depending on the equipment with technical means, varied from 230 to 810 PLN/ha what amounted 13-18% total production costs. The index of scientific – technical progress efficiency was much better for root vegetables than for the cabbage production.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Borcz, J., Kowalczyk, Z. (1997). Economical aspects of mechanization in field production of vegetables. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 1(1), 187-192.
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