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Title : A new technology of pressing and packing moist fodder grains
Key words : technology, grain, feed preservation, two-degree rolling, fodder packing unit
Summary :

Production of rolled preserved grain fodder directly after threshing is one of the most effective methods of processing moist fodder grain. A unit comprising a roller, a grain packing unit, which packs grains into a polyethylene sleeve, and a tractor are used in production of such fodder. For the purpose of further improvement of technical means for technology of fodder preparation, structural and technological schemes of a universal (mobile) roller for dry and moist grain and fodder packing unit to a polyethylene sleeve were developed. A new roller may be used in various configurations: it may be mounted on the fodder packing unit comprising the above-mentioned unit with a drive from a universal joint shaft of a tractor as well as it may be installed on technological lines for fodder preparation with working bodies drive from electric engines. The developed packing unit is equipped with a tracking device and allows a constant process of packing of rolled fodder to the polyethylene sleeve.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Sysujew, W., Savinyh, P., Kazakov, V., Syčugov, Û., Turubanov, N., Isupov, A., Marczuk, A., Misztal, W. (2015). A new technology of pressing and packing moist fodder grains. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(155), 109-117.
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