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Title : Heat storing effectiveness with the use of a recuperator in the liquid type battery
Key words : heat storing, liquid type battery, recuperator
Summary :

The paper presents results of the analysis concerning the process of storing and discharging the liquid type battery. A system comprising a recuperator, a battery tank, a circulating pump and a ventilator, was analysed. Hot air obtained from the perforated conduits system from the laboratory tunnel was pumped through a recuperator. The heat storing system in the analysed battery cooperated strictly with a stone battery and its priority was to charge it. Tests were carried out from June to August. A detailed analysis included measurement cycles covering both the storing process as well as the process of discharging. Based on the obtained results, thermal power of the exchanger was determined as a function of air temperature difference between the flowing air and water stored in the battery and its flow velocity. Furthermore, quantity relations between the efficiency of work of the exchanger and independent variables of the process: air temperature and water stored in the battery, air flow velocity, process duration and the stream of heat transfer fluid which flows through a recuperator, were determined. Non-linear estimation with the use of quasi-Newton method was applied for determination of these relations. Moreover, the amount of the heat stored in the battery and the heat transferred to the inside of the object were defined. A total coefficient of heat supply with this system was introduced in the analysis. Based on the obtained values of the process performance, it was found out that despite favourable ecological effects, such system of heating support cannot be recommended for horticultural practice on account of a low value of the coefficient. Whereas the use of the storing system for heating process water is justified.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Kurpaska, S., Latała, H., Baran, D., Konopacki, P., Hołownicki, R. (2015). Heat storing effectiveness with the use of a recuperator in the liquid type battery. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(155), 47-57.
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