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Title : Evaluation possibilities of chicken manure in Turkey
Key words : chicken manure; waste management; biogas;energy
Summary :

Pollution caused by industrial poultry production, which is increasing along with the population growth, is one of the most important environmental problems for developed and developing countries. Particularly in the countries which are leading in the world poultry farming, such as Turkey, share of poultry manure in animal waste is increasing day by day. Due to its amount and characteristics, problems posed by poultry waste are among the priority issues. According to data obtained in 2010, there were 70,933,660 laying hens and 163,984,725 broilers in Turkey and the estimated annual production of fresh manure exceeded 5 million tons. Therefore, development of waste management systems in order to reduce the environmental risks, has become extremely important for poultry industry. Chicken manure causes environmental problems, but also has a significant economic potential. Although there are country-specific methods for the evaluation of chicken manure, evaluation as fertilizer after composting is a common practice across the globe. Also using biogas obtained from waste for the production of energy is one of the common practices. Evaluation of broiler manure as fertilizer in agriculture or burning for heating, are some of the common methods used in Turkey. But in recent years, interest in modern methods such as production of biogas and converting biogas into electrical energy is increasing. In this study, widely used applications for the evaluation of poultry manure in Turkey and development studies of these methods have been examined extensively.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Baki Unal, H., Hakan Bayraktar, Ö., Alkan, I., Cengiz Akdeniz, R. (2015). Evaluation possibilities of chicken manure in Turkey. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 2(154), 5-14.
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