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Title : A new structure of the stabilization system of a suspended sprayer boom
Key words : sprayer boom; quality of spray; stabilization system of sprayer boom
Summary :

The paper presents a new system that stabilizes a sprayer boom in the vertical plane. The presented system is protected by patent law. The article shows, inter alia, the idea and principle of operation of the stabilization system of the sprayer boom which uses the centre of gravity of the sprayer boom frame suspended on the beared axis of a sprayer. The angle of deflection of sprayer boom arms depends on the height/depth of an obstacle for tractor wheels. The stabilization system is designed for use with a field suspended sprayer and is one of the systems based on passive elements. The main design assumption was to develop a system that ensures a satisfactory level of stabilization of a boom and maintaining acceptable production costs. The presented solution is prepared for realization and for carrying out field research.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Sobotka, M., Lipiński, A. J. (2015). A new structure of the stabilization system of a suspended sprayer boom. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 1(153), 127-132.
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