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Title : Economic analysis of non-litter cattle barns
Key words : energy inputs, labour inputs, exploitation costs, loose housing
Summary :

The objective of the article was to show exploitation costs from three cattle barns in a non-litter loose housing system. The method was based on the multi criteria approach which referred to following factors: technical, technological (mainly energetic and labour), economic (costs of energy, labour, investment). Within technical assessment, the building characteristics was carried out which pertained to the areas of productivity, building, laying and cubage. In order to carry out technological assessment, all methods of mechanization were analysed and as a result, energetic, energy and investment inputs were obtained. Exploitation costs of machinery, equipment and cattle barn buildings were calculated according to the methodology developed in IBMER [Institute for Construction, Mechanization and Electrification in Agriculture]. The lowest exploitation cost was in a cattle barn with a traditional “herring bone” milking unit and amounted to 2 132.01 PLN·year-1·LU-1. The highest exploitation costs amounting to 2 670.65 PLN·year-1·LU-1, were in a cattle barn with one milking robot and the lowest herd size.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Mazur, K., Barwicki, J., Majchrzak, M., Borek, K., Wardal, W. J. (2015). Economic analysis of non-litter cattle barns. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 1(153), 95-106.
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