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Title : Prospects of solar energy use in Ukraine
Key words : policy of solar energy sources, energy safety
Summary :

The object of the research is to analyze the politics and economics of the solar energy sources in Ukraine. Application of alternative energy sources in Ukraine, especially solar energy, is extremely promising. The adopted strategy of power by 2020 assumes that Ukraine should play an important role. The methods of analysis, comparison and synthesis were used to assess the level of theoretical studies. The analysis of solar energy enabled to get the result of historical research and forecasting functional areas for possible development paths. The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy were posted. Fundamental directions and applied research in Ukraine related to the development of solar energy. The dynamics of the solar industry in Ukraine was posted. Practically in almost all regions of Ukraine, the investment projects aimed at creating plants that run on solar energy are implemented actively. At various stages of implementation in Ukraine there are more than 100 solar power projects with the total capacity of over 1380 MW in all regions of the country.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Marek, A., Karpińskii, M., Pohrebennyk, V., Kantor, T., Mitryasova, O. (2014). Prospects of solar energy use in Ukraine. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 4(152), 165-173.
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