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Title : Factors that influence solid particles emission and methods of their limitation
Key words : engine, fuel, DPF filter, NEDC test
Summary :

Renewable energy constitutes an effective tool in the struggle with a danger of global climate warming. The next solution in this fight is development of the construction of combustion engines and exhaust gas purification systems such as new catalysts and particulate filters (DPF). The paper presents the author’s own research results of the measurement of toxic components of exhaust gas emission, in particular (NOx and PM) in delivery trucks which meet the requirements of environmental protection Euro 4, which were propelled with diesel oil – petroleum – derived and with biofuel B10. The above vehicles were operated in a horticultural farm. Measurement of toxic components emission NOx and PM from the operated vehicles was carried out pursuant to the European standards i.e. the New European Driving Cycle with the use of a dynamometer Schenck 500G S60. The obtained results proved that the efficiency of the particulate filter and the operation of the catalytic converter for both types of fuels were comparable.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Jakóbiec, J., Wądrzyk, M. (2014). Factors that influence solid particles emission and methods of their limitation. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(151), 49-56.
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