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Title : Dependance of energy inputs on area and economic size of family farms
Key words : energy inputs, agricultural land area (AL), economic size, subsidy amount, income of a holding
Summary :

The objective of the paper is defining the influence of agricultural land area (AL) and economic size on energy inputs in family farms that are beneficiaries of European Union funding. 70 farms of Biłgoraj County that were beneficiaries of EU funding for technical modernization were researched within 2004-2009. In order to define energy inputs, the group of farms that were the object of the research were divided according to the amount of subsidy, area of agricultural land, economic size (ESU) and the income of an enterprise. In the process of characterizing the researched farms according to the level of possessed energy means, tractors, self-propelled combine harvesters and electric engines used in the process of farm production were taken into account, including also the ones mounted in the equipment operated in the farms. The level of energy inputs in the researched farms calculated into area unit was decreasing systematically, both when the amount of funding increased, as well as area, economic size and income of an enterprise. In the group of farms according to the economic size, when its size increased, energy inputs decreased, and the tendency remained the same in farms of the highest income of an enterprise. In farms of a small area (up to 10 ha) of agricultural land (AL), apart from high level of specific labour input, there were high inputs of manual labour.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Wasąg, Z. (2014). Dependance of energy inputs on area and economic size of family farms. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 2(150), 209-217.
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