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Title : Variants of carrot production technology and costs of manual and mechanical works
Key words : human and mechanical work costs, production of carrot, technology variants
Summary :

Cost analysis of manual and machine works related to production of carrots was carried out in the context of supply of the fresh vegetables market for four technological variants of a varied level of works mechanization in a horticultural farm, where the surface of carrot crop was 3.67 ha. Technology based on the use of machines applied previously for agricultural production in small-area farms with a great participation of human labour was accepted as a basic carrot production technology. Based on the analysis of possibilities of using new solutions of machines in the previous production technology, variants were developed, the assumption of which was reduction of costs of manual and mechanical works. For the developed four variants of carrot production technology, incurred human labour costs and costs of machines and tools exploitation were determined. Minimal costs of human labour and machine exploitation were accepted as a criterion of selection of the best variant. 4th variant, which was characterized with the lowest costs of human labour and machines exploitation, which constituted 12,570 PLN•ha-1 was recognized as optimal, from among four developed and recommended for use in small area horticultural farms. Costs of human labour and machines exploitation in this variant were lower than the costs incurred in the 3rd variant by 5,100 PLN•ha-1, in the 2nd variant by 9,995 PLN•ha-1, and by 13,536 PLN•ha-1 than calculated in the 1st variant.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Molendowski, F., Wiercioch, M. (2014). Variants of carrot production technology and costs of manual and mechanical works. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 2(150), 135-144.
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