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Title : Replacement value of farm buildings and costs of their operation in organic farms
Key words : organic farms, farm buildings, replacement value, operating costs
Summary :

A rising trend in the number of production buildings, mainly livestock buildings, which were given for use in farming, has been at the same level for several years. The paper presents the level and structure of equipment of the selected organic farms with farm buildings and their replacement value and operating costs were calculated. The scope of research included 50 facilities located in the southern Poland, which were granted an organic farm certificate. The investigated facilities were the object of research within the development subsidy titled "Innovative influence of technology and information management supporting system on production efficiency in organic farms". The analysed data concerned 2012. For the purpose of comparative analysis the researched facilities were divided into two groups which specialize in plant and animal production. Average area of buildings was 314.45 m2 and was comparable in distinguished trend groups. In farms producing plants, storehouses prevailed and in case of animal farms – livestock buildings. Average annual replacement value of buildings was PLN 105.78 thousand and was also comparable in trend groups. In the structure of replacement value, storehouses prevailed, which constituted at the average 43.03% and livestock buildings – 37.68%. Average annual operating costs of buildings were PLN 58.61 thousand. The fact that these costs in animal farms were 2 times higher than in plant farms, should be emphasised. Renovation materials and ordered repairs constituted the highest costs.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Malaga-Toboła, U., Kwaśniewski, D., Kuboń, M., Tabor, S. (2014). Replacement value of farm buildings and costs of their operation in organic farms. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 2(150), 103-112.
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