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Title : Analysis of municipal waste collected by the selected waste management establishments
Key words : waste, segregation, waste management establishment
Summary :

From the moment of Poland's accession to the EU, we have been obliged to adjust the waste management system to directives issued by the European Community Council. Our waste management has been adjusted to the requirements of the European Union directives. The objective of the paper was to determine: firstly, the amount of the produced mixed municipal waste; secondly the amount of municipal waste collected in a selective manner with the use of collection methods through segregation in the place of their production using two containers located next to each other - one for collective collection of paper, cardboard and plastic and the second for collection of glass; thirdly, the size of recovered secondary raw material such as glass, plastic and paper from mixed municipal waste; fourthly, the amount of containers or plastic bags designated for selective waste collection. For execution of this objective, two establishments using various waste management systems were selected. Research was carried out in Firma Usług Komunalnych [Municiapl Services Company] "Wodnik" in Trzebnica and in Zakład Gospodarki Komunalnej [Municipal Management Establishment] in Gać, which have dealt with municipal waste sorting for many years. The research proved that the plastic bag method is more effective than segregation with the use of containers located in the neighbourhood.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Bieniek, J., Najman, E., Romański, L., Molendowski, F., Grabowski, J., Kończyło, M. (2014). Analysis of municipal waste collected by the selected waste management establishments. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 2(150), 15-22.
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