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Title : Distribution of surface thrusts on avocado fruit at the constant load value
Key words : surface thrusts, Awocado, compression, time factor, creep
Summary :

In the tests, which were carried out, results of measurements of surface thrusts of Awocado Fuerte cultivar in the radial compression test between flat panels at the constant load value including time factor were presented. The test was carried out with the use of Instron 5566 testing machine. On the bottom panel, under the compressed Awocado fruit a sensor of Tekscan system number 5076 was placed. It allowed a constant observation of contour lines of surface thrusts on the contact surface and determination of distribution of surface thrusts between Awocado with a bottom panel of the testing machine. Contour layers and distribution of the surface thrusts in different stages of creep test were determined. It was proved that the maximum and average values of the surface thrusts are subject to minimum changes during the whole test. Distribution of surface thrusts has a shape typical for contact issues in a spring scope of deformation, where maximum values are in the central zone of contact and have distribution similar to the even number curve. At the end of the test, distribution of thrusts on the contact surface of Awocado with a working element of the testing machine took place at the end of the test.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Stopa, R., Komarnicki, P., Młotek, M. (2014). Distribution of surface thrusts on avocado fruit at the constant load value. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 1(149), 209-220.
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