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Title : Unevenness of spraying objects with selected one and double-stream nozzles
Key words : degree of coverage, ratio unevenness of coverage, nozzle
Summary :

The paper presents the results of the studies on the unevenness of covering the sprayed objects with the use of one and double-stream nozzles. Tests were carried out in laboratory conditions with the use of sprayer carrier. In order to facilitate interpretation of the results of studies on unevenness of covering and showing the existing relations, authors used an index of mean degree of the sprayed objects, which is a relation of a total covering of particular sprayed objects with the amount of these objects. Despite the use of the same conditions of experiment for all researched sprayers the obtained results of mean covering and unevenness of covering were characterised with high differences for particular nozzles. Analysis of the research results did not show any direct relation between mean degree of coverage of the sprayed objects and a ratio unevenness of the coverage. Both in case of one and double-stream nozzles, for which the smallest and the biggest coverage was determined, were characterized with a similar ratio unevenness of coverage.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Łuczycka, D., Szewczyk, A., Cieniawska, B. (2014). Unevenness of spraying objects with selected one and double-stream nozzles. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 1(149), 101-110.
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