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Title : Critical reverse fluidization velocity of the selected vegetables
Key words : minimum fluidization velocity, reverse fluidization, freezing, vegetables
Summary :

The objective of this work was to study the possibility of using existing models for determination of the minimum fluidization velocity during freezing fruits and vegetables by reverse fluidization. The frozen material was formed from French fries, brussels sprouts, broccoli florets, carrot in the form of a cube with sides of 1 cm and slices with dimensions of 3x3x0.5 cm. The values of minimum fluidization velocity were measured by means of anemometer. The results of the calculation from the four models of calculation of the minimum fluidization velocity were compared with the values obtained experimentally. The calculated values were affected by the average errors of 24% in case of a carrot cube to 224% in case of broccoli florets. There was no statistical difference between the results obtained between the tested models.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Góral, D., Kluza, F., Kozłowicz, K. (2014). Critical reverse fluidization velocity of the selected vegetables. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 1(149), 19-28.
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