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Title : Effect of the ultrasound on the carrot juices freezing process
Key words : sonication, carrot juice, freezing, freezing point
Summary :

Ultrasound is a relatively new method that has been used in the food industry for enhancing unit operations such as drying, extraction and freezing. Sonication, despite a small invasiveness, has an effect on various physical, chemical and biochemical changes in the treated materials. Freezing is a widely used process in the food industry for extending the shelf-life of the products due to decreasing the food temperature. The aim of this study was to investigate a 30-minute ultrasound treatment on the freezing process of carrot juices (9, 12 and 21°Bx) from two producers. Freezing was conducted by immersion and air chilling method at -30°C medium temperature. The study examined how ultrasound effects the extract, density of juices, the specific freezing time, freezing point, Moreover, the freezing curves were evaluated. It was observed that 30-minute ultrasonic treatment did not affect physical properties of tested juices, only in the case of higher concentrated juices, the increase of tested parameters was seen. There was no difference in the shape of freezing curves, regardless of the freezing method, concentration of the juice and its producer and the application of sonication either. Regardless the concentration or the US pre-treatment, it has been observed that the specific time required to freeze the product in the immersion method was shorter than in the shock freezing. Along with the increase of concentrations of carrot juice the freezing point decreased, regardless of the producer. The freezing point of carrot juices, after the application of the US, slightly decreased. Research in this study confirms the reports of the reduced freezing time after the application of ultrasound in case of carrot juices.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Janiszewska, E., Sakowski, P. (2013). Effect of the ultrasound on the carrot juices freezing process. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 4(148), 49-58.
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