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Title : Interpolation procedures for determination of energy willow cultivation technology parameters
Key words : energy willow, cultivation technology, operation sheet, labour inputs, production costs
Summary :

For the assessment of the conditions of energy crop introduction to the agricultural space it is possible to use the method of profitability simulation. The method has to take into account production technologies of the competing food and energy crops. Traditionally, production technologies are described with the aid of operation sheets. The simulation model of the defined area of agricultural space has to deal with technology diversity. In view of the computational complexity of such a model, growing along with the number of operation sheets, it becomes necessary to limit the information to the scope absolutely essential for the simulation: labour input (h·ha-1), direct production costs (PLN·ha -1”), etc. The information can be extracted from the operation sheets for a crop by setting them according to the increasing productivity (ha·season -1”) and collection of the information necessary for economic calculations, such as labour input. The data series acquired in this way make it possible to construct an interpolation procedure, in which the seasonal output (or the corresponding acreage) is the input parameter, and the result is the information such as labour input. A set of the procedures appropriately selected can replace the series of operation sheets from which it has been acquired (e.g. with the method of regression) and its advantage is the ease of interpolation of in-between values. In the present study the information acquired from interpolation procedures (as well as from operation sheets) is called “technology parameters” and the interpolation procedures themselves - “technology parameter models”. The objective of the study was to develop a method for technology-parameter model construction for the third year of energy willow production (in a three-year harvest cycle) for the assumed acreage range. The application of the method for technology-parameter model construction is presented in graphs for labour inputs in energy willow production (for pessimistic and optimistic scenarios).

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Zaliwski, A. S., Hołaj, J. (2013). Interpolation procedures for determination of energy willow cultivation technology parameters. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 4(147), 409-419.
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