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Title : Impact of spouted-microwave drying on the dried pumpkin quality
Key words : drying, pumpkin, strength features, sensory evaluation
Summary :

The quality of pumpkin dried with a spouted method with microwave heating was analysed. During spouted drying, two levels of microwaves power were applied: 100W and 250W. The research was carried out for blanched material and not subjected to pretreatment. Compressive strength, cutting strength, stress relaxation index and dried material colour were determined with instrumental methods. The product was subjected to sensory evaluation including intensity of occurrence of hardness, brittleness, elasticity and colour ratio. It was determined that sensory evaluation of hardness and brittleness of dried material is strictly related to compressive strength of the investigated material. There is a relation between the colour determined with instrumental methods and sensory evaluated intensity of occurrence of colour ratio. Spouted-microwave drying negatively influences elasticity of dried pumpkin. Blanching influences hardness and brittleness of dried pumpkin and increases elasticity of dried pumpkin in comparison to the product of material which was not pretreated.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Stępień, B., Jaźwiec, B., Pasławska, M., Jałoszyński, K., Surma, M. (2013). Impact of spouted-microwave drying on the dried pumpkin quality. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(146), 371-380.
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