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Title : Impact of the selected sowing parameters on shaping a life space of wheat plants
Key words : pin sowing unit, sowing, wheat seeds, life space
Summary :

The work includes results of the research concerning influence of the width of an opening of a pin sowing unit and the width of interrows as well as the sowing speed on shaping the unit life space of wheat plants. The research was carried out on a laboratory stand in two stages. The first stage covered measurements related to specifying capacity of the examined sowing unit, the second stage included measurements related to determination of the real life area of wheat plants and degree of using the theoretical life area of plants resulting from the accepted width of interrows and the average distance between seeds in a row. Analysis of variance of the obtained results proved that from among the accepted independent variables, only one independent variable: width of interrows significantly influences (α = 0.05) the degree of use of the theoretical area at a constant number of sowing - 220 kg·ha-1 resulting from agrotechnical requirements. The sum of real unit life spaces of wheat plants on the measured distances was ca. 90 to 356 cm 2, which constituted from 31 to 83% of the theoretical life area of wheat plants, determined based on the number of sown seeds and the established width of interrows.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Markowski, P., Szczyglak, P., Rawa, T. (2013). Impact of the selected sowing parameters on shaping a life space of wheat plants. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(146), 263-273.
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