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Title : Economic and ecology analysis of using a heat pump for heating garden facilities
Key words : plastic tunnel, investment profitability, ecological aspects, heat pump
Summary :

The paper presents economic and ecological results of using a heat pump (of the assumed heating power at the level of 9.7 kW) in the plastic tunnel (covered with double plastic) of varied usable area. Four heating boilers,commonly used in gardening, differing with the grill structure and possibility of installing a dust removal device were accepted for ecological analysis (calculated into the costs of using environment on account of hazardous substances emission to atmosphere). In the economic analysis, at the accepted installation costs related to the use of the discussed heat pump, two parameters (static and dynamic), that is: simple return period and current net value of the investment (NPV) commonly used in the investment analysis were applied. For the accepted assumptions, usable area of the facility and the number of years of usage, at which, the discussed investment is competitive towards other methods of alternative investment interest, were indicated.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Kurpaska, S. (2013). Economic and ecology analysis of using a heat pump for heating garden facilities. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(146), 189-197.
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