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Title : Effects of early potatoes cultivation under cover
Key words : cultivation, control, agrotextile, perforated plastic, yield, structure, efficiency of cultivation
Summary :

The research covered Lord cultivar of potatoes, which was cultivated in three technologies used for an early crop, i.e. cultivation under perforated plastic (A), agrotextile (B) and in the traditional technology (field cultivation without covers), the so called control (C). The objective of the paper was to analyse the height and quality of potato tuber yield, development of plants and economic efficiency. The obtained results prove that cultivation of potatoes under covers positively influences the increase of weight of tubers referred to a single plant, participation in the yield of roundly shaped tubers, growth of the assimilation surface of plants (number of shoots, their length and the number of leaves level) which translates into the growth of the total yield out of a hectare. Efficiency of early potato cultivation under covers proves that one-year use of covers does not bring satisfactory economic effects in comparison to traditional cultivation, while a 5-year use considerably increases economic efficiency of using covers. From among two investigated methods of cultivation under covers, higher economic efficiency in the annual use of a cover was reported for agrotextile whereas in the 5-year use for perforated plastic.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Krzysztofik, B. (2013). Effects of early potatoes cultivation under cover. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(146), 169-178.
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