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Title : Analysis of microwave-vaccum drying of red pepper
Key words : red pepper, microwave -vacuum drying, kinetics, temperature, polyphenols, antioxidant activity
Summary :

The objective of the paper was to describe the kinetics of microwave-vacuum drying of pepper carried out at the constant power of microwaves amounting to 480 W and three scopes of pressures 2-4; 4-6 and 6-8 kPa. Changes of temperatures of the material in the time of drying and polyphenols content as well as antioxidant activity of dried pepper were determined. The research which was carried out allowed the statement that two drying periods for all three scopes of pressures may be determined: period of constant speed of drying described with a linear equation and the period of variable speed of drying described with exponential equation. Microwave-vacuum drying (VM) at the pressure 2-4 Pa resulted in the decrease of polyphenol compounds content for the value of 5.82 mgGAE/1 g s.s. and slight decrease of antioxidant activity to 74.90µmolTE/1g s.s in comparison to the raw material before drying and convective drying. Maximum temperature of heating a sample was 97ºC.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Jałoszyński, K., Pasławska, M., Surma, M., Stępień, B., Serowik, M. (2013). Analysis of microwave-vaccum drying of red pepper. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(146), 95-102.
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