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Title : Assessment indices of barns with a varied maintenance system of dairy cows
Key words : assessment, barn, dairy cows, index, keeping system
Summary :

The paper aimed at distinguishing new indices for evaluation of barns for dairy cows including their technical equipment. The detailed investigations covered barns with tied and free-stall maintenance systems including farms with different size of dairy herds. The elaborated research questionnaire to carry out the investigations included the set of basic data concerning conditions of dairy production in the barns. During direct research visits in the investigated farms some new elements were observed in the barns and as a result new comparative indices were proposed to evaluate livestock buildings for dairy cows. The all investigated barns with tied maintenance system were characterized by the use of non-standard solutions in the area for cows. Such results of the investigations confirm imagination of dairy farm owners to implement changes in the technical equipment of the managed barns.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Boćkowski, M., Gaworski, M. (2013). Assessment indices of barns with a varied maintenance system of dairy cows. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(146), 31-39.
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