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Title : Computer visualization of the contact area of a tyre and the soggy soil
Key words : tyre, soft base, visualization, AutoCAD, VBA, AutoCAD .NET
Summary :

Nowadays, when the amount of information which is collected by research is huge, it is crucial to show this data in a manner that will facilitate their analysis and presentation. Due to constant information technologies development, they let us better visualize results of the research. The contact area of a tyre and the soggy soil is one of the issues where the data visualization is important for further analyses. The authors have considered the possibilities for transforming the abstract model into a material form and they have decided to use AutoCAD environment. Two separate applications with similar functionalities, by means of both Visual Basic for Applications and C#, part of the .NET platform, were developed in order to visualize the data collected from KONTAKT application which determine the parameters of the contact between a tyre and the soil and to perform a complex geometrical calculations. These quasi-doubled actions result from many implementation problems whilst using VBA. This was the basis for comparison of the used technologies, which along with description of functionality of the applications constitute the subject of this article

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Mueller, W., Błaszkiewicz, Z., Gruszczyński, M. (2013). Computer visualization of the contact area of a tyre and the soggy soil. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(145), 265-271.
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