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Title : Assessment methods of granular and loose mixtures homogeneity
Key words : granular mixture, loose mixture, fodder, homogeneity
Summary :

The paper presents the condition and science development trends concerning assessment methods of granular and loose mixtures homogeneity focusing in particular on agri-food industry. Homogeneity of mixtures determines the product value. Intensive development of production technology and the increasing quality requirements force to search for innovative solutions allowing a fast and precise way to assess the mixture quality, which minimizes the impact on the production process. In Poland, the analysis of the mixing degree of the key component based on determination of the chloride and carbonate content is a reference method of assessing homogeneity of fodder mixtures. Development of computer techniques allowed the use of innovative method of assessing homogeneity of granular mixtures based on the image analysis. The method, which was applied for assessment of homogeneity of fodder mixtures uses the analysis of the key component content the so called Mictrotracer®. Moreover, other methods, which are applied in laboratory and industrial conditions, characteristic for other industrial branches, were described in the paper.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Matuszek, D. (2013). Assessment methods of granular and loose mixtures homogeneity. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(145), 255-263.
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