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Title : Diversity of additional activity in the selected ecological farms
Key words : ecological farms, farms division criteria, guided survey, additional business activity
Summary :

The objective of the paper was to carry out an analysis of non-agricultural business activity in the selected 100 ecological farms. Research was carried out within the project NCBiR [National Centre for Research and Development] No NR 12 016510 “Innovative impact of technique and technology and IT support of management on the production efficiency in ecological farms”. The object of the research was to assess business activity in the aspect of the size and production trend and tractive force equipment. Activity was defined as a relation of the number of farms which carry out a particular activity to the total number of farms in a given analytical group. For analytical purposes the investigated farms were divided into four homogeneous groups. Acreage of arable land was the basic division criterion, determined based on commonly applied method of assessment of the standard gross margin. On account of the activity trend, the highest activity was reported in one-trend farms, i.e. field plants production. Approx. two times lower activity was reported in in intensively organized two-trend units, which may result from the lack of free time. The biggest and the smallest farms proved the highest activity on account of mechanization services. The first, due to a lot of free time, the other due to better equipment.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Szczuka, M., Tabor, S. (2013). Diversity of additional activity in the selected ecological farms. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 2(143), 329-338.
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