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Title : Research of heat consumption variability in hothouses with energy-saving covers
Key words : partitions, energy-saving screens, internal climate, measurement, heat
Summary :

Hothouses are lightweight structures with partitions, with significant influence of the external climate on heat energy consumption and microclimate. The paper presents the results of research conducted in three real facilities with various methods of shaping hothouse facilities as regards energy saving. The measurements were performed for one multiaisle hothouse and one detached hothouse with various types of thermal insulation screens; the measurements were supplemented by the measurement for the whole hothouse complex.

Using movable screens changes the thermal characteristics of external partitions. Thermal insulation screens level off the influence of the external temperature changes on the fluctuations of temperature inside the hothouse. The courses of heat energy consumption in the tested hothouses: grouped and detached are sig-nificantly different. The results of this research presents variability of heat energy consumption depending upon the thermal properties of the internal partitions and the external climate conditions.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Grabarczyk, S. (2005). Research of heat consumption variability in hothouses with energy-saving covers. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 1(61), 57-65.
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