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Title : Selected ecological aspects of rural household water use
Key words : water consumption structure, kinds of sewage, sources of hazards, water protection
Summary :

The paper presents the structurc of water consumption as a determinant of environ-mental hazards resulting from various kinds of sewage originating from rural house-holds. The structure determines the volume of water used to satisfy individual needs and also the volume and kind of generated sewage. In result of surveys conducted on a group of 58 households at Włostowice village situated in the Proszowice powiat it was determined that beside water used for domestic purposes (88.7%), which as sewage is discharged to the treatment plants, sewage generated from water used for animal keeping is the main source of threat. In the examined farms on an average 7.6% of total water uptake was used for that purpose. Daily loads of pollution in liquid animal excrements is relation to loads in domestic waste were definitely higher than in relation to water volume used for these purposes. BOD5 loads were respectively 33.3 and 12.2 kg. Similar proportions were found for the other analysed indi-ces. Therefore, beside construction of sewerage systems, activities focussed on the rural environment protection should also involve monitoring and proper utilisation of liquid animal excrements in agriculture.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Pawełek, J., Bergel, T. (2002). Selected ecological aspects of rural household water use. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(36), 253-265.
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