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Title : Evaluation of the roads for agricultural transport on an example of selected commune
Key words : road, transport, distance, density, elongation, passing difficulty, quality
Summary :

Paper presented the evaluation of road network for internal (farm-field) agricultural transport for selected region, Stomniki commune, of typical agricultural production profile. The evaluation was based on standard indices such as road network density, share of roads in productive area and transport difficulty coefficient. First two indices, resulted from spatial configuration of productive area and agrarian structure of the farms, at considerable variation, were contained within common stardards assumed for agricultural terrains. Much worse situation dealt with the quality of roads illustrated by transport difficulty co efficient. Because of poor quality of road surfaces in all categories the farm transport in surveyed region needs the inputs increased by 44 to 535% in comparison to good asphalt parament. These increased inputs are reflected in extended passing time (slower travelling speed) and - as the result - in less transport capacity, higher fuel consumption as well as in increased wear and considerably reduced reliability of the transport means.

Please use the following format to cite the selected article : Kokoszka, S., Kuboń, M., Borcz, J. (2000). Evaluation of the roads for agricultural transport on an example of selected commune. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 8(19), 257-263.
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