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Titre : Identification of extrusion process parameters based on its response to the step function
Mots-clés : extrusion, extruder, expansion, taguchi, disturbances
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The paper presents results of the research on the single-screw extruder strength on sudden changes of dosing raw material during the extrusion process. The tests were carried out in a short single-screw extruder KZM-2 whose relation of length to diameter of a screw was 6:1 and rotational speed was 200 rpm. Grits moistened up to 15% moisture and five disturbing samples of mass 0.2-1.2 kg prepared from the same raw material constituted a research material. Particular samples were used for disturbing a stable course of the extrusion process. Disturbance of the process consisted in fast introduction of the whole disturbing dose to the extruder input and measurement of the value of intensity change of current consumed by the extruder engine, time of return to stable conditions and changes in the image of obtained samples of extruder. Measurements of the impact of disturbance on the measured amounts were carried out for three settings of extruder performance. It was found out that a single-screw extruder at all set performances reacted with fast increase of electric current consumption; moreover, time of process stabilization changed each time. Moreover, it was reported that particular disturbing doses affected significantly the changes of quality parameters of extrudates.

Utilisez, s’il sous plaît, le modèle ci-dessous pour citer cet article : Żelaziński, T., Ekielski, A. (2014). Identification of extrusion process parameters based on its response to the step function. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 2(150), 241-252.
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