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Titel : Potential of biogas yield from sorghum bicolor (Sorghum bicolor) of ród J1052 cultivar
Schlüsselwörter : sorghum bicolor, biogas, methane fermentation, biogas production efficiency, methane production efficiency, laboratory research
Zusammenfassung :

The paper presents the research results concerning efficiency of biogas and methane production from sorghum bicolor of ród J1052 cultivar with different length of chaff. Silage from sorghum of a varied length of chaff (to 4 mm, to 10 mm, 25-30 mm) and pigs manure constituted a research material. Laboratory tests on static methane fermentation was carried out in three replicate tests, pursuant to the guidelines of the German standard DIN 38 414 – S8. Anaerobic digestion in laboratory conditions lasted 58 days for each test in one repeat. The course of methane digestion of sorghum silage of the chaff length 25-30 mm showed higher stability in comparison to the remaining variants used in the experiment. Sorghum silage of 25-30 mm chaff length and to 10 mm with N (nitrogen used for uplift pressure of air from digestion bottle) gave the highest biogas yield (327.92 and 315.41 Ndm3∙kg smo-1). The lowest biogas and methane yield was reported in tests with sorghum silage of the chaff length up to 4 mm. This silage was characterized with relatively high percentage content of methane in biogas (59% CH4).

Verwenden Sie bitte das folgende Muster zum Zitieren dieses Artikels : Sałagan, P., Dobek, T., Kołosowski, P. (2013). Potential of biogas yield from sorghum bicolor (Sorghum bicolor) of ród J1052 cultivar. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 4(147), 291-299.
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