Inżynieria Rolnicza
Titel : Distribution of surface pressure of apples at impact loading
Schlüsselwörter : surface pressure, apple, impact loading
Zusammenfassung :

Results of measurements of surface pressure of Ligol apples with the use of Tekscan system in impact loading conditions were presented. Contour lines and distribution of pressure in two mutually perpendicular directions for two variants of loading differing with the energy of apple collision with the area of resistance were determined. Average values measured during the test were determined and statistical analysis was carried out for them. It was determined that the growth of collision energy influences the value and distribution of maximum pressures in the area of the apple contact with the area of resistance. It was proved that in the central contact zone, plastic deformations of the apple tissue occurred as a result of its damage appearing with low values of surface pressure. Maximum values of surface pressure are in the border zone of the contact area.

Verwenden Sie bitte das folgende Muster zum Zitieren dieses Artikels : Stopa, R., Komarnicki, P., Młotek, M. (2013). Distribution of surface pressure of apples at impact loading. Inzynieria Rolnicza, 3(145), 363-374.
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